Mason James Dietzen

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Road trip

Last week we took a road trip with Grandma Mishal and Auntie Hannah to Moses Lake to visit some family. Here are some photos Hannah took while she was entertaining Mason on the trip home.

cool hair

We turned Mason's hair into a pho-hawk the other night. Look at him!

Soccer Tournament

Last weekend I had a soccer tournament in Pasco with my U-13 girls team. J.D. and Mason came along. He was amazing the entire trip. He was great on the two hour trip there and back. He was in a happy mood at the games and slept well at night. Here is a photo of him all bundled up for one of the games.

Hanging with daddy

Mason loves being with daddy. J.D. has been so busy with tax season so it's a treat when Mason and him get to just relax and hang out.

Mommy and Baby Class

Since Mason has been two weeks old, we've been going to a mommy and baby class at the hospital where he was born. It is lead by a nurse and it's a fun time for moms and their babies to get together. We discuss different topics (nursing, introducing solids, car seat safety) and enjoy talking with each other. I love going but haven't been able to go much recently because of work. Here are some photos taken about a month ago of Mason and some of the other babies from group.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Almost 4 Months!

Mason is now 16 weeks old and will be four months old next week. He giggled about 2 weeks ago with J.D. He is smiling all the time now. He is getting so big. He weighed just over 16 pounds this week! He can sit up in his Bumbo chair now and has good neck control.

He had a few rough weeks of sleeping at night, but I think we are back on track least I hope. This past week has been good, where he has been sleeping longer stretches. The longest stretch he's made was 9 hours!

I can't believe he is this old already. It is amazing how fast they grow up and change right before your eyes.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mason went to a lot of basketball games this past winter, becuase his auntie Hannah plays basketball at Northwest Christian. He loved the games and was always on his best behavior there. Here are some pictures from the season.