Mason James Dietzen

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Yesterday we had Mason's 18 month check up. It's hard to believe he is so old already. He is a full-blown toddler and definately ALL BOY! Mason was 29lbs and 33 1/2 inches long, both 90% for his age! We are hoping he continues this growth and gets the Dietzen genes for height :)

Our doctor had recommend weaning him off the bottle by 18 months. I knew it was approaching and had been testing the waters to see if he would drink milk from a sippy cup, but he was not having it. So we let him have the bottle a little longer. This past weekend we decided to go cold turkey and not give him a bottle, but offer milk in a sippy cup. He was not happy about it, but for him cold turkey was the only way! He doesn't drink nearly as much milk now, but that's okay. Did you know at this age they should be drinking about 12oz of milk a day? However, if you give them other diary such as yogurt that counts for their milk intake and it counts double. For example 4 oz of yogurt counts for 8oz of milk. That is wonderful for us because Mason loves yogurt!

We have been loving some sunny days here in Spokane, although Mason would go outisde in any weather condition. But we've been spending the majority of our daytime outside which he loves. This past weekend he helped daddy get his flowers all planted (one of JD's favorite hobbies). We've been going to the park, going for walks and helping daddy and grandpa mow their lawns.Mason is also obsessed with putting other people shoes on. It doesn't matter who's they are, he will try to put them on and walk in them, he's actually pretty coordinated.

He also loves to sit in the drivers seat of any vehicle and pretend to drive and play with all the buttons.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Playing catch up!

I realize I have not posted in quite some time, so sorry about that. I hope to do better from here on out. I'm just going to recap some of the things that happended in the last few months and then just start fresh from there.

Some random moments in January:

I'll play with anything :) A broken sprinkler head, he is just like his daddy!
This is from just this past week...just haning out outside pointing up to the sky.

Nice little Sunday trip to Costco.

We took a trip with my parents down to Palm Desert in January and got to see Uncle Derek and our good friends Brad, Shannon and Sawyer. It was so much fun to spend time with everyone and enjoy some sunshine. Mason and Sawyer played really well together and we were sad to say goodbye.

Here is Mason loving the sunshine in his green crocs from Auntie Lindsay.

Winter SNOW!!!

If you know Mason very well, you know he LOVES to be outside. He doesn't care if it is 20 degress out and snowing or pouring down rain he wants to go outside. This winter we've had several dumps of snow and he has gotten many opportunities to go outside.

He doesn't care that his cheeks are bright red and his snot is drying on his face!

Over New Years J.D. and Nick made a killer sledding path in their parents backyard! Check it out. Mason went down a fee times, but it was more for the enjoyment of the older "children."

Mason Turned One

On November 16, 2010 Mason turned one. He started walking a week or so before his birthday and he was off running around soon after that. We had a birthday party for him and had a great turnout. He was loving all the attention and got spoiled with gifts. So many toys! Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful gifts!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We're in Trouble Now!!

Mason in his crawling stance. One of his new favortie toys is to play with daddys golf club!

Mason is all over the place. He's only really been crawling for a little over a week and he has just taken off. He's pulling himself up on everything. His favorite place to stand is at the TV stand. He managed to get away from me after his bath before I could get any clothes on him last night.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

our summer

We have been enjoying our summer a lot. It has been so nice to be able to stay home with Mason and enjoy him and all the changes he is going through. He is now 8 1/2 months old!! I cannot even believe where all the time went. He is a healthy happy boy that provides us with lots of entertainment :) Between his clapping, smiling, blowing raspberries, talking and rolling around, we are so blessed to be able to have him in our lives. Mason now has four teeth, two top and two bottom. He is consistently sleeping through the night, which feels great. Here are some pictures from summer so far. Mason is so tired from a long day in the sun. Here he was sitting outside on the deck watching daddy mow the lawn. He loves to be outside! He looks pooped.

This was last weekend when we visited my parents in Seattle. Mason was outside with grandpa on the deck. He is clapping for me.

This is what summer is all about. No shoes, no shirt, no problems. Just a diaper outside on the deck in the summer weather, sucking on some watermelon.

Mason and daddy were playing outside in the grass and he was giving us all sorts of smiles.

A few weeks ago, we went to watch one of Auntie Hannah's volleyball tournaments. Mason fell asleep in grandmas arms.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Is summer here yet?

Spokane is usually really hot in the summer time. And June is supposed to be summer! We'll we've had a hit and miss month of June in terms of weather. On Saturday J.D. and I took Mason to the pool for the first time and he loved it! At first he was little hesitant, but then he started smiling and laughing. We're planning on making the pool a regular occurrence for our summer months!
Just two days later on Monday it was pouring down rain. Mason loves to be outside so I decided to get him all bundled up in his rain gear and go outside. Our neighbors had some heavy equipment digging a big hole in their backyard for a pool so we went to check out the cool machines. He loved watching it and he loved the rain too!
Then, two days after the crazy rain it was nice again so we went to the pool with Autie Hannah and Grandma Mishal. This time we got his floaty toy blown up and he went floating.

Hannah and Mason getting in the pool!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Meet Ginny!!

About a week ago we flew over to Seattle to visit my family and meet my brother and sister-in-law's little 2 month old daughter, Ginny for the first time. We had a blast catching up with them and sharing converstations both as new parents.
Here is our little guy (well really not so little) taking it all in.

Mason loves to look out the window or be outside. If he is fussy just take him outside and he calms down. He pretty much looked out the airplane window the whole time during both flights over and back from Seattle. He's just like his daddy...loves to be outside. :)

Mason is a good eater...he'll even eat the table...just kidding. I was feeding him some food when we were out to lunch and he thought the table would taste good too I guess. Probably not the most sanitary thing to be sucking on, but oh well, it makes for a cute picture.

The three of us walking in downtown Bellevue. It was a beautiful day!
Mason loves to play with Starbucks cups. He likes to put the straw in his mouth but hasn't figured out how to suck any liquid out of it.

Here is a picture of Ginny. She is so calm and sleeps a lot. But when she is awake she smiles all the time. We had so much fun with Chris, Lindsay and Ginny... and my parents. It probably won't be until Christmas before we are all together again. By then Ginny will be crawling and Mason will be walking. They won't be so little anymore and will probably be a little bit more of a handful.