Mason James Dietzen

Friday, June 25, 2010

Is summer here yet?

Spokane is usually really hot in the summer time. And June is supposed to be summer! We'll we've had a hit and miss month of June in terms of weather. On Saturday J.D. and I took Mason to the pool for the first time and he loved it! At first he was little hesitant, but then he started smiling and laughing. We're planning on making the pool a regular occurrence for our summer months!
Just two days later on Monday it was pouring down rain. Mason loves to be outside so I decided to get him all bundled up in his rain gear and go outside. Our neighbors had some heavy equipment digging a big hole in their backyard for a pool so we went to check out the cool machines. He loved watching it and he loved the rain too!
Then, two days after the crazy rain it was nice again so we went to the pool with Autie Hannah and Grandma Mishal. This time we got his floaty toy blown up and he went floating.

Hannah and Mason getting in the pool!

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