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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Playing catch up!

I realize I have not posted in quite some time, so sorry about that. I hope to do better from here on out. I'm just going to recap some of the things that happended in the last few months and then just start fresh from there.

Some random moments in January:

I'll play with anything :) A broken sprinkler head, he is just like his daddy!
This is from just this past week...just haning out outside pointing up to the sky.

Nice little Sunday trip to Costco.

We took a trip with my parents down to Palm Desert in January and got to see Uncle Derek and our good friends Brad, Shannon and Sawyer. It was so much fun to spend time with everyone and enjoy some sunshine. Mason and Sawyer played really well together and we were sad to say goodbye.

Here is Mason loving the sunshine in his green crocs from Auntie Lindsay.

Winter SNOW!!!

If you know Mason very well, you know he LOVES to be outside. He doesn't care if it is 20 degress out and snowing or pouring down rain he wants to go outside. This winter we've had several dumps of snow and he has gotten many opportunities to go outside.

He doesn't care that his cheeks are bright red and his snot is drying on his face!

Over New Years J.D. and Nick made a killer sledding path in their parents backyard! Check it out. Mason went down a fee times, but it was more for the enjoyment of the older "children."

Mason Turned One

On November 16, 2010 Mason turned one. He started walking a week or so before his birthday and he was off running around soon after that. We had a birthday party for him and had a great turnout. He was loving all the attention and got spoiled with gifts. So many toys! Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful gifts!!

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